We can’t thank you enough for the amazing feedback on I.’s essays. He found the advice very approachable and right on the mark. Thank you for being so quick and responsive.
— Class of 2019 Parent, Beaver Country Day School
Ricki, thank you for everything you have helped me to accomplish through the college admissions process. I really appreciated your patience and flexibility, especially when it came to impromptu FaceTimes to review essays or going through every single tab of the Common App 100 times with me. Your insight, into both writing and just life in general, helped me to mature as a student and a person.
— Class of 2018 Student, The Bromfield School
Thank you so much for all of your help guiding J. through the college application process. Your thoughtful, calm and balanced approach helped to minimize our angst and move forward with confidence. You got to know J.’s strengths and interests and helped strategize a list of colleges to visit and apply to that was both realistic and optimistic. We had no doubt the overall strategy would result in a positive outcome. We could not be more thrilled that J. will be attending Lehigh in the fall!!!
— Class of 2018 Parent, Needham High School
I owe you a long-overdue THANK YOU! Your work with A. was exceptional. We are so grateful for your hands-on guidance for her college application process - from the selection of schools beginning to ultimately her decision to attend Tulane University - her first choice!

Ricki, your knowledge goes without saying too. But, it was the great relationship that you formed with A. that we found crucial to the process. She trusted your opinions and loved working with you. You were always around to help her out…even when I’m sure you would have preferred to be spending a long evening with your family! Thank you for that.
— Class of 2017 Parent, Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School
I just wanted to thank you for all of the help and support that you gave L. during the past year. You made the college application process so much more efficient and palatable! L. was ecstatic to have all of her applications finished and was told by her college counselor that she was the first senior to complete her applications! I am truly grateful for all of your help.
— Class of 2016 Parent, Dana Hall School
Thank you so much for your help with C.’s application process. Regardless of the outcome, the experience has been so positive and seamless as a tribute to you and your kind, supportive way.
— Class of 2016 Parent, Wayland High School
There is no way I would be here if I hadn’t met you. This school had never crossed my mind as an option for me simply because I didn’t really know anything about it...You kept saying “I think you’ll fit in there” and other comments to that regard. Turns out you knew what I was about back then better than I thought I did because you couldn’t have been more right.

Thank you for navigating me through the strenuous college process in probably one of the least stressful ways possible.
— Class of 2016 Student, Lexington High School